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The Majorie Report Series

Behind every reality there is a secert in all of us

The Majorie Report
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Welcome to Mornington Creasant!

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Alot of you are wondering what the HELL is Mornington Creasant? Well it is a fictional town for A Fictional Fanfic. This Community is unique because it is a serial story. Going by different Seasons. I wanted to try this to see if it would work and also learn how to write better stories. This is Mostly a Stephen Fry And Hugh Laurie commmunity. If you have any fanfic serials you want to add. Then feel free an do so and Have fun.

With all communities there are a little Ground rules.

Stories ranges from G to NC-17

All stories must post under a LJ-Cut

The stories can range from Drama to Sketch comedy series.

Other fandoms are welcome House, Jeeves and wooster. Etc

All types of fanfiction is welcome here slash,het doesn't matter.

Any pairing is welcome.

Please Be respectful to the others that posted in this community.