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Title: The Majorie Report
Part Five:“Majorie and The Playboy lover” Part Three
Author: Envisogon
Fandom: Fry/Laurie RPS
Pairing: Stephen/Other, Stephen /Hugh, Jack/Neddy, Jeeves/Wooster (in theory)
Rating: R
Timeline: Cambridge AU
Disclaimer: Do not own any of the characters that I use from “A bit of fry and laurie” and the actual people are for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to offend anyone or for monetary gain.
Authors Notes: This has not been beted by anyone.

“You bitch what are you after?” She wondered to herself soon that came up to a road that lead the Dover Point. On the small road the car pick up speed and Jade was forced to up the speed to get away. There was cliff coming and she knew that if she didn’t break speed the car would go right over. The pulled up beside her but Jade could not ID the driver. The car crashed into Jade’s car making it shrivel all into the rails. Jade Knew there was only one to go with this. Time was running out and the cliff was now dead ahead. Jade pumped speed as she headed towards the dead end.

“Shit!” Jade mumble to herself as the cliff was becoming a dead end. Then suddenly the car stop suddenly and Jade pushed it breaks as she slid nearly missing the edge. The car paused; then suddenly backing up disappearing into the night. Jade gave a sigh of relief and wondered who was driving the car.

It was the morning of the ball. Lord Murchison was making his final preparations and everything was going according to plan. But, his mind fell on Stephen. He was the perfect lover. Should it matter if he was  a man as long as he loved him? The images surfaced in his mind. What would he be wearing tonight? Maybe he would come as the woman of his dreams. Lord Murchison shook the thought and continued with the mounds of paper work before him.

Back at the Study, Stephen and Hugh was just waking up they had spent there first night in a passionate embrace. As usual Stephen was the first to get up. He wondered what costume he would where. Then it occurred to him as he turned his head toward the first edition set of P.G. Wodehouse Jeeves’s Series.

“Stephen” As Hugh woke up out of the bed.

“In here love”

Stephen was sitting in the chair looking out towards the window. He had a lot on his plate now. He didn’t know what to think about Hugh’s sudden new found passion for him. He wondered if it was because he wanted to experiment or was it just because he was on the rebound from Emma. This situation did not nearly bother him as much as the other life he was leading. He knew that Richard was falling in love with him. The type of sex they had was nothing compared to the heated affair that just happen the night before with Hugh. Richard had qualities in him that Stephen was attracted to. As Majorie he could be with him and didn’t have to worry about the looks or a comment that was given. But, as Stephen it was whole different story a much more difficult one at that.

“You are bloody awake early!”

“Yeah, I know.”

“So are you still going to that fancy dress ball you were talking to me about?”

“Yeah, I promise someone I would come.”

Hugh went back to the desk and notice the skit that he working on was amazingly finished. Hugh looked over at Stephen who was writing something down at the desk across from him.

“You fucking bastard. You are a genius. Thank you!”

“It wasn’t anything at all that’s what I am here for.”

“I have a confession. I was invited to the same Fancy dress ball. My cousin did not want to go and so he gave me his invitation.”

“That is simply wonderful. So what are you going as?”

“He said he gave me this costume. He told me that he was going as Bertie Wooster. “

“And that is so fitting for you. I shouldn’t wonder.”

“So what are you going as?”

“I shouldn’t keep the masses disappointed I shall go as Reginald Jeeves.” He gets up and starts to walk over towards Hugh. When he makes it over he pulls Hugh over to him and starts to kisses him on the lips.

“Ahh, Stephen don’t start anything you can’t handle.”

“My Dear Boy! I can handle anything you dish out.”

“We will see.”

Diana Diranara, The beautiful deadly assassin waited in her car outside the eastern entrance to “The Department”.

“Teddy, I will be back for you someday.” The nightmarish night still plagues her every move. She knew that she had to keep moving if she wanted him to remain a live. A grayish haired man walked towards her car and got in.

“What do you want?”

“Why ask these questions when it is perfectly clear what I want, I want some answers.”

“Okay, Shoot”

“The department feels that you have turned a simple investigation into a personal vendetta. We want you to leave the subject.”

”You know damn well I am not going to leave the subject. That fucker Jack Murdoon is planning to assassinate someone by the name of Majorie”

“We all ready know who the Majorie is. We have known him for a very long time. Every since that little incident at Stonehenge with that rugby player our guys has kept an eye on this Stephen Fry Person.”

“So tell me why everyone’s so interested in him? He is no one special? But, I do know that his life is in danger. “

”Stop the bullshit . Diana, you and me both know the real reasons why you are interested. You are trying to get back at Jade Moon for having you lover sent to the palace.”

”You damn, Right I am. She will pay tonight at the ball.”

“You cannot do this you will risk everything. “The Department” has worked for." Scoffted The Gray haired man. 

" Isn’t that’s what Alan has already did?” 

“You made a deal. You would work for us while I tried to get your lover out of “Government Palace”.

“I know the fucking deal I made. But, time is running out. This will be my last mission and after this I am going to get my Lover back. And If I find out that He is hanging from one of those beams. I am going to come back and kill all of you.”

“Those are strong words. I hope you can live by them.”

As Diana turns around the man was out of the car. The man turns around while lighting up a cigar.

“The meet place is at 17:30 hour. Be there and keep and cool head.”

”I will see you in Hell.” Diana pulls off and drives away.

The night had quickly come around. Stephen was picked up just as Richard had promised. Hugh came along with him as well. They were both dressed very strikingly as Jeeves and Wooster. As the festivities were getting underway Jade Moon entered the main room where the ball was being held. She saw Lord Murchison headed to the room also. Jade looked around to see was there any sign of Jack or his lackey. As Jade went into the room Diana was not far behind gain access into the home by secret entry. Ironically, they were both dressed as Jeeves and Wooster.

As the limo pulled up the Murchison Estate, Stephen and Hugh marveled at the view of the estate. Richard was greeting the guest at the door. Richard turned slightly and notice that Stephen was coming up the pathway with a younger man by him side He looked like Neddy.

“Ah, Stephen and …Neddy”

“No, Richard this is Hugh.” Hugh pulled out his hand to shake Lord’s Murchison’s Hand.”

“My name is Hugh Laurie, My Lord.”

“Ah, Young Hugh it is a pleasure for you to come tonight I hope you have a wonderful time tonight.”

”I will, My Lord.”

“Stephen, I would  like to talk to you later about something.”

“Yes, sure later than.” It took everything for Richard to keep in Jealousy in check. But, something about Hugh had give off the impression that he was more to Stephen. But he tried to shake the thought off. The party was going strong inside and Jade was now on the move searching for anything that was out of order. Diana was during the same thing she was dressed as Bertie Wooster. Meanwhile Stephen and Hugh were engaged in a conversation with a group people that was sitted at a table. 

"Let’s go somewhere a little more private." Stephen whispered to Hugh. Hugh looked around and followed Stephen out the door.

Diana noticed this and decided to follow them. But, what little she knew is that Jade Moon had notice the same thing. Stephen led Hugh to the courtyard in the middle of this courtyard was a fountain and in front of this fountain was a bench.

"Let’s stop here."

"This is so brilliant! I can’t believe he can afford all of this."

"It is something to marvel at. I thought it would be best to take a break from all of that and sit out of here. And to do this" He grab Hugh and Kisses him passionately. Stephen broke away.

"Hmmmm, Let do it! Fuck it no ones around. I want to fuck you as Jeeves." With one swift move Stephen picks up and swings into a nearby patch of bushes. Meanwhile on the other side of the courtyard Jade was about to one into her archenemy.

"Where are you? I know you here." As Jade looked around the courtyard; Diana flips across the bushes and lands at the back of her.

"Jade Moon after all these years? You still the little dumb trainee and fuck head backstabbing whore."

"Diana Diranara, You are here to stop me from killing the Majorie."

"Yes, I am. I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose."

Jade turned around and starts to hit Diana in the face. Diana counters the blow and flips Jade on her back. The fights starts with Diana countering Jades move. Diana was wining until Jade decided to flip over the hedge. Shortly Diana was soon to follower. In near by stack of bushes. Stephen was on top of Hugh still in most of his Jeeves. Hugh started to go deeper into Stephen as it started to feel good beyond belief. Hugh heard someone talking.

"God darling, don’t stop……..Why did you stop?"

"I hear something. I want to finish but we must stop. I will finish you when we get back home."

" Well, can I get and Freaky Kiss then?"

Hugh looked at Stephen and smile. Stephen bends down a kissed him.

"Let’s put back on the clothes, Lord Murchison will be worried."

"I think so too" The voice wasn’t Hugh or nor Stephen. It was that of Jack Murdoon.

"Who the fuck is you?"

"I am your worst nightmare get your gay asses up!"

"Or what you going to do join us?" At this point Jack pulled out his gun.

"I think you should rethink of that last answer. If you don’t move it I will kill you both. I wouldn’t think the world would mind if you two never existed. Now fucking get your ass up "Stephen and Hugh got the reminder of there clothes and started to walk out.

Neddy was walking up the pathway when he saw Diana pinned down Jade.

"Tell me why I shouldn’t break you neck in two! Tell Me!"

"Because Jack is already here and have made to Hugh and Stephen."
Neddy walks up to Diana.

"Jade and you was the decoy in his plan. He knew that at some point that they would leave out to be along and that you two would be fighting. Diana gets off of Jade and starts to head over towards the fountain. Neddy soon to follow her, Jade ran back to the home to get Lord Murchison.

"So you piece of infestation, what do you want with us?" Asked Stephen who was now on the ground next to Hugh.

"It’s simple really I want you."

"You can’t have him cunt?" At this point Hugh was turning red in the face from anger.

"Dip this poor pathetic chap in the fountain. I think they call Chinese Water torching."

The two men that were positioned behind them grab Hugh. He tries fighting them off but fails.

"Oh Hugh I will save you somehow! You fucking bastard he didn’t do anything."

"Dip" The men deeps Hugh’s head into the water for which it seems along time before he was aloud to come up. Hugh comes up from the water gagging an coughing up water.

"This is the way Hugh is going to die? Isn’t fitting that a Cambridge blue will die by the very thing he enjoys the most. As for you Stephen after watching your pathetic excuse for a boy toy dies. You will be going to a place where you want be treating "The Cause". A place where there is a little spot on a beam waiting for you.

"I don’t think so" Jack turned around and with the quickness. Diana runs up the two guys that are holding Hugh and knocks them out cold.

"Neddy, Don’t do that you idiot!" Shouted Hugh

Meanwhile Jack was aiming the gun at Stephen’s head. As he pulled the trigger, Neddy runs over towards Stephen and the bullet end up hitting Neddy. Neddy lands in front of Stephen who has blood on his face. Diana rushes over there and knocks Jack out to the ground.

"You two need to get out of here Lord Murchison was the one that sent him after you. If he finds you still here he is going to finish the job" Hugh and Stephen rain into the wooded area.

The door flung open as the guest who was inside the home made there way to the fountain in the courtyard. As the walked up with some constable they found Jack, Neddy and the two men on the ground.

Lord Murchison looked around and wondered where Stephen and Hugh were. And How did this happen.

The end of the night had come for Stephen and Hugh. The both of them made it back to Cambridge safe and sound. They vowed to never discuss what happen to them tonight and cherish each day with each other. But one day this would come back to haunt them. As Stephen wrote his final words his little book he decided to leave the lifestyle he was ended and start and new life style with is new lover, Hugh.

In the present Stephen, Hugh and Motesha was stitting in the room of the Hell part of the Pagatory.  

"That is Bollocks and you know it"  said Stephen "It didn't happen like that?" 

" I thought it did I remember being in the garden with someone." 

" Hugh, you remind me of my old english teacher after he have had and couple"  

" of what"

"Very bad car accidents and I am sure that this is the way it  happened."  

"Please lets not start all the way over with sex in french ok."  Motesha asked

"Fair enough..........so" 

 Back in to the past. 

“Yes, sure later than.” 

It took everything for Richard to keep in Jealousy in check. But, something about Hugh had give off the impression that he was more to Stephen. But he tried to shake the thought off. The party was going strong inside and Jade was now on the move searching for anything that was out of order. Diana was during the same thing she was dressed as Bertie Wooster. Meanwhile Stephen and Hugh were engaged in a conversation with a group people that was sitted at a table. When Stephen looked around he notice Lord Murchison in the corner away  from the crowds.  

Stephen noticed that it was unlike him to be by himself.  Stephen looked over at Hugh who was engaged in a conversation with a pretty young woman.   " Men are Bastards" He said to himself.   Stephen proceed to get up from his chair. 

"It was lovely taking to you witl  you please excuse me."   Hugh turned around and looked at Stephen. " It want take me long. I shall be only a minute." 

Stephen Hurry off into the Crowd . Meanwhile Hugh goes back to talking the young woman beside him. 

" So, How about an walk in the gardens. " The woman suggested.  

On the other side of the room Diana Diranara was looking on.  She noticed that Stephen was gone and Lord Murchison.  "The target has moved"  she murmurs.  

In another part of the Estate,  Jade Moon was lurking in the darkest along side her was Jack Murdoon. 

"Jade I know that you would do this for  The Cause" 

"Well, You and the Cause can kiss my ass.  Fuck you and the Cause.  The only reason I am helping you is to save my financial future. Once he settles for her she is going to get rid of me."

"Well it will be a win win situation for everyone."    

"Shut the fuck up there they is?"  

Stephen and  Richard was walking up the hallway.  

" So you trick me into having a walk with you"  Stephen Said. 

" Yeah, I had a feeling that  I wouldn"t be able to talk to you along."  

" Ummm" 

"Every since that night. I have been during a lot of thinking." 

"Thinking well that is something new for you." Stephen said slyly  Richard smiles. " Come here"  Stephen pulls Richard into an embrace and kisses him.  

" Oh, stephen I want you more then life itsefl.  Stephen........I" 

At that point  Jade and Jack comes out. 

"Brilliant"  Jack coming out of the shadows along with Jade.  

"Who the fuck are you?"  Stephen angerly asked

" I think you should already know who I am. But in case you didn't get the memo. I am Jack Murdoon. or better yet the man  who fully tunned you out  in prison."  

"You have change since I last saw you"  

"True, But I see I  have failed in that manner. The cause is in effect so to speak"  

" Jade, What are you during with this madman"  

"Protecting your interest."   Jade  is holding a gun  " I suggest that you and Richard follow me. "Besides who is going to watch your lover boy and you daughter die."   

"What have you done to my Daughter?"  Perhaps you should follow me to the indoor pool area you going that way anyway. " 

"I don't think so"  Diana  appears out no where
"You bitch"  

  "Jade Moon after all these years? You still the little dumb trainee and fuck head backstabbing whore." 

"Diana Diranara, You are here to stop me from killing the Majorie."

"Yes, I am. I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose."

" Majorie, is this is what it is about ? " Richard ask 

" Yes, Majorie aka Stephen has been keeping a  journal of his activities very senitive stuff."  

" Is this true, Stephen?"  Before Stephen could answer Diana kicked the gun of her hands and knocks Neddy out by accident.   Meanwhile Diana pulls out and Needle and sticks it into Jack.  Rendering him cold.   Stephen,Richard and Diana all starts to run away from the area.  

Back to the present 

" That was an interesting stories to bad that they are rubbish"

"What do you mean?" 

"Stephen, You trying to tell me that while you was at cambridge you and hugh was living in a world of spy and assassins. "


' Well we are in a sticky situation no telling what she is going to do with the book now. "  

As the gang comtemplated this situation. There was an knock on the door.  Majorie got up and answered it.  

"Hello, Come in I am sure Stephen will be glad to see you Matthew."  

At that moment Hugh turned to Stephen at that moment Stephen knowed that his life was going to changed. 




The Majorie Report

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