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Title: The Majorie Report 
Part Five:“Majorie and The Playboy lover”
Author: Envisogon
Fandom: Fry/Laurie RPS 
Pairing: Stephen/Other, Stephen /Hugh
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Cambridge AU
Disclaimer: Do not own any of the characters that I use from “A bit of fry and laurie” and the actual people are for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to offend anyone or for monetary gain.
Authors Notes: This has not been beted by anyone. It is set in the early 80’s the second part will include some Fry and Laurie slash. And yes they are cursing in French! Feel free to comment on how crappy and pathetic this is.
“The relationship was a little bit abnormal I should think between them. I should have at least intervened at some point.   I would have if I wasn’t preoccupied with that bloody little bitch called Diana Diranara. I know that the reason that she is here but her motives are unclear to me at this point.”   The young woman holds her sword up as if looking at some fine art or a precious metal.  
Jade Moon looked across the dining room to see. A slightly older man and a younger woman in a deep conversation , Jade Moon, was hired for only one reason and one reason only to protect and serve her master. On any other night this wouldn’t have brother her. There was something about the young woman that she couldn’t quite grasp.  
“Do you think she is a threat?” Said the younger man with a eye patch on his right eye.
“I don’t know as of yet? Jack.” 
“You know that your Master is an asset to “The Cause” and if he steers any inch away from the agenda. Your pretty little sword might have to come into use.”
With one quick with reaction with her sword Jade had Jack against the wall. 
“ Tu Pues la Mende! If you fuck with him I am going to fuck with Neddy. Do you understand me? Or is it to hard for you to comprehend at this point.”
Jack looks at her gave her an evil grin. It seemed like He was mocking her noble intent.  Jack grab the sword with is fingertips and slowly back it off of him. 
“Ne joue pas avec Moi” Jack then proceeded to step aside. “Just make sure hat he sticks to the plan.” Jack then went back into the shadows in which he came.
“Branleur “She Exclaimed as directed her attentions back to the table.   The Older man and the younger woman got up from the table. The older man put one hand on the younger woman’s bottom and proceeded to walkout. Jade eyes rolled at the thought and her mind was plagued with what Jack had to her.
It was later that night in a very expensive hotel room. The shadows cast its hypnotic eroticism over the darkly lit room. In the room there was clothes thrown everywhere and a bottle of very expensive wine that was half empty on the nightstand. 
“Fourche, Moi” said the younger woman. “Zut!”
“N’Cesser, Fourche Moi” The Heavy Breathing man exclaimed. “Oh, Stephen I loved when you talk Dirty in French.”  
Stephen eyes start to roll back in his head as He continued to ride the older man. But, his mind was somewhere else. His mind was on His beloved the one he really wanted to be in bed with, fucking him hard and good until they both explode from the heated passion. When He glanced down at the older man he imagined Hugh being there. With each upward thrust his mind Screamed Hugh’s name. He knew that it was unfair to the man underneath but, he just couldn’t help himself. 
“Nom, de dieu de brodel de merde” The older man who was at the edge had shouted underneath. Stephen looked down and gave a sly smile and bend down to kiss him. Stephen continued to time his thrusts as he closed his eyes and Hugh appeared before him underneath him. This was probably the reason why He was with this older man because He reminded him so much of Hugh.
“Fourche!,Fourche! Fourche! Fourche,Moi! Zut!
“Call me a Dirty Slut in French; I love it when you do it!” 
“Do you Sale Pute? “ 
“Oh, Mende!”
“T’es mon Sale Pute, Je vais te Juter!” 
“My God you are so Beautiful; Je’tadore” With those words the older man started to lightly stroke the head of Stephen’s Penis. Stephen hips bucked at the touch.   The older man quickens his strokes both ways. Stephen loved to take the woman position because he was able to morn at each sensation. It drove him while as the man pounded deep into him. He was near the edge and nothing could whole him back.
“Oh, Fuck! Damn! Damn! Fuck me harder! You Fucking Bastard!”   The older man grab Stephen ass on to his dick” 
“Does it feel good? I want hear you scream my name” 
“Oh, Fuck!” Stephen tried to comply but found that the words were too hard to say. He wanted it to be Hugh’s name. “Ri……Rich……Richard! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” At this moment Stephen had cum hard on top of Richard and seconds later Richard followed with the same intensity.   The older man grabs him and kissed him passionately on the lips. 
“You are so good to me? Stephen” Richard had softly morn to his young lover who fell a sleep on top of him.  
A few hours later, Richard awoke in bed to find Stephen getting dressed.
“Where are you going? I thought I had you for the rest of the night.” Asked Richard
“I am sorry love but, I really must be going, maybe some other time.”
“When is the next time I can have you?”
“You know where you can find me. I really enjoyed myself tonight.” 
“I know this seem a little presumptuous, But, I would really like it if you escorted me to the fancy dress ball. Friday night?”
“I don’t know?” 
“Please, it would really mean a lot to me. If you do.?”
“Okay, I will. What time?”
“It’s starts at eight. I will send my driver to get you. “ 
 “Well, I will endeavor to satisfy! Sir, I have to go Lord Murchison.” Richard got up and grabs his wallet and pulled out 500 pounds. He then proceeded to give it to Stephen and he kissed him. Then he gently releases him.
Stephen looked away and opens the door and walked out of the room.   The ride back to Cambridge was quite. Stephen couldn’t help but to think about Hugh. He wondered was he worried about him. The fact that he just came from having a man dick inside of him was not comforting fee. He knew that Hugh was probably beating himself up over the sketch that he has been working on every night for the past few days. Stephen felt Dirty, Even though they were not lovers they did Mutual Masturbation with each other. That was enough to make Stephen think that it was not respectful to come in like this. And it wasn’t fair to Hugh.
Stephen finally arrived to his study. And as he suspected Hugh fell asleep on the desk table. Stephen went over and grabs a blanket and puts it over him.   Stephen smiled to himself. Stephen grab chair and watched him sleep for the rest of the night.
In dimly lilted allyway the assassin Diana Diranara was standing talking to unknown person. 
“Are you fucking shitting me?” Shouted Diana Diranara  “ Why is he during this? “ She looks at the tap and sees Stephen and Richard in bed together.
“I know him. He is in the footlights. But, why with him.?”
“We found out that He is the infamous Majorie. He has been with a lot of nobles and Lords. He is the most requested in the escort service.” 
“He is small fish in a big pond. But Jade and Jack has they eyes on him. “ 
“Is his life in danger?” 
“Yes, the first hit is him. They are planning to attack on Friday at the ball, You are going to have to stop them?” “They are under the impression that if they get rid of his “Girlfriend” they are going to make him buckle.”

”Do you have any other intel on them?” 
“Not at the moment the only thing. Is that Jack Muroon is behind this.”
“Impossible, I thought I killed him years ago.”
“We all thought he was killed but he is back? And he is targeting Lord Murchison. We have to stop them or this could get ugly for the rest of us.”
“He survives and this Lord Murchison was the top man in his organization. We want you to go as Bertie Wooster at the ball. Jade Moon will be going as she has always been. Reginald Jeeves.” 
“Why should I trust you? “ 
“Yes, why, trust me.” The man steps out in to the light. The man was tall and slender and has a gap in front of his Teeth. Diana Diranara was in shock. It was on other than Neddy!
To be continued………
End of “ Majorie and the Playboy Lover” Part one


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