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Episode Four : Connections

Title:“Connections “
Rating: NC-17
Author: Envisogon
Summary: Motesha starts to have dangerous visions about Hugh and Stephen. Meanwhile an old love interest from Stephen' s past return.
Disclaimer: As always I do not own Fry and Laurie or Blackadder. This is not intended for profitable gain and not to offended anyone.

A few months into the future.........

A dark deception and Gross Indentecy he loved him and wanted hims so much. Two bodies emerged in a tangle web of estasy they didn't know exactly why they needed each other. The man on top was continued two thrust into his prey. The man on the bottom softly mumbles his assailants name softly ...........Hug.......I want you so badly....... Please don’t fuckin stop …….with those words Stephen climaxed.

"Oh ........I love the way I feel in you……….Uhhhhhh" said Hugh he paused for a moment and looked down on his lover. He kissed the soft lips of the other man and then traced his bottom lip. Then slowly got off and and caressed his lovers face. “I can't explain the way I feel about you, Stephen. They won't find us here ever. I want let them."

" You know it is going to happen. She has gotten her way. She has won the battle, Darling. “ Stephen’s face was glistening in the moonlight from his post orgasmic state . “If once this is over I don’t see you again after this. I want you to know that I will have your heart for ever. You are beauty to me. Every since I have met you you have been my light in my darkness. I am forever grateful for that. There is something else I need to tell you , Hugh " Stephen touched Hugh’s face lightly. " It is the reason behind why this book is so dangerous. When I first entered Cambridge I was in need of money. I still had my habits but was trying to keep them tamed. I didn't want to go to my family because of the guilt and shame I had cause them in the past. "

" It's not the drugs was it?" Hugh asked reluctantly

" It was it was the only thing that could suppress the demons. I digress I started to do it on occasion becoming what they called today a Escort. To support it during this period I was with mostly nobles and polictians. I wrote about my experiences in the Journal “Majorie” was my escort alias. It was good money but I got fed up with it." Stephen said quietly trying to hold back sobs. " I fear that they all ready know about it and they coming to get me"

" Shut up" said Hugh " You know I am never going to let nothing happen to you."

" I know you won't" Stephen leaned Hugh down and started to kiss him passionately on the lip. Then he reluctantly releases "I love you, always." With those somber words a groups of lights started to come though the small hotel room.

"He's inside. Don't harm Laurie get Majorie." Hugh and Stephen braced themselves in one final kiss the men bursted though the door.

" What the fuck is going on here? " Hugh Shouted One of men tries to knock Hugh out but Hugh in a fit of rage knocks him out. Meanwhile Stephen is trying to his best to knock out as many men as possible. But the eventually get the best of him and beats him badly. Hugh crawls and trys to grab Stephen's hand. They lock hands and Stephen tell him that He love him. The men carrys a broken man out of the room . Hugh looks up and see the intitials "GVMPL" and then passed out. Hugh 's image suddenly fade into a slow misty blackness.

The Present

The Image slowly turns into the image of  a sunlit room. It is the room of Motesha Stevenson she suddenly wakes up and realizes that she is in the present. She had to contact Hugh and Stephen at once. She rushes out of the room fast. Meanwhile on the other side of the town of Mornington Creastant Jack Murdoon was sitting in his chair when he assistant Neddy Wickison walked in.

" Neddy, where have you been" Hounded Jack who was sitting by a chair near fireplace

" Oh, Jack I didn’t see you there. Uhh, out to get some air " Neddy said nervously

"Come, over here where I can see you." Neddy walks over very nervously. He knew in the back of his mind that Jack would try to do something to him. " Come here a little closer. " Neddy leaned in with in a second after that. Neddy was hit hard in the face by Jack. The impact almost send Neddy to the floor. "Ahww that is better. Now Young Neddy you will know next time to ask if you are Hungry."

"Yes, Jack."

"Now to the business of the day the problem with Lisa Marchison. I have been thinking about this and consorted with some of my fellow correspondents on the matter. This is a bigger problem then we have ever imagined. The diary of Young Stephen from my sources has unsuitable material in it that could bring down high power people."

“And this is a bad thing"

" Yes,  If things was to go wrong or anything outted it can cause great destructions. We have bigger problems then that. I have been giving orders to reclaim the book and farther more kill this woman named Majorie or Stephen. Whatever he want to call himself  these's days. But, I am indebted to both Stephen and Motesha."

"It is quite a sticky situation."

" Quite"

" So what are you going to do?"

"First, we are going to have to get the book back. and then Stephen will come on later."

"Question, who is Majorie?"

" You will meet her in do time. " Jack smiled lightly to himself. With those words he came to an realization that he had just mastermind a very unique plan. He then puts the pipe down and extinguished it.

As the morning shine in on the flat of Stephen's marvelous flat. After the events of the previous night Hugh thought it would be best to stay at Stephen's place. Just in case someone traced them back to is home. Stephen's home was located in the quiet town of Mornington Crestant. Mornington Crestant was located a few miles from london and was set in the heart of great Britain. Stephen came across this little town while on his second infamous outting when he was at Cambridge. Stephen couldn't sleep all night his mind was racing with Ideas and worries. What have he done? he wondered to himself. The Early mornings offer Stephen a clarity, A peace of mind. As He walked up to the sliding glass door careful of walking his sleeping Angel on the bed. He gently closed the door. Stephen's mind started to contemplate his situation more clearly now. He knew that if Lisa sells the book or even published the book it would caused a big scandal. That's all he need now to be on the receiving end of big scandal after forming some kind of redemption. " Hugh shouldn't be a part of it, He has his whole life ahead of him. I love him desperately, but something tell me that this going to get worst." Stephen looks back though the window He noticed that Hugh had awaken. He finally realizes that he must go though this along. As he walked back in the phone was ringing off the hook. Hugh was in the bath and did not notices. Stephen walked over to the phone and picks it up.


On the other side of  the phone it was Motesha who was sounding awfully worried about something.

" Stephen, this is me Motesha. I have to talk to Hugh and you about something very important. It concerns the book."

"Okay, we will be by before we have to go to work "

"Oh, thank you. Please as soon as you'll can." As Stephen put down the phone. Hugh was stepping from the bathroom.

” Who was that? On the phone, Hun"

" Well, Mr Laurie no good morning, Love. "

" Good, Morning Babycakes" Hugh comes over and give him a kiss. " Sorry, I do beg your parton , Now who was it on the phone"

" Nothing, No one important I have to take care of a little matter before. I come in for the rehearsals. "

" Well, are you going to be able to meet at "The Purgatory" later on in the Red Room.

"hum, sounds tempting. We will see. I still have to work at the Library today and then the rehearsals. You know we still have the issue with the diary of course ."

"Oh, yeah the library. It didn’t think you still kept that job. It seem kind of awkward now that you are now well off.”

“ It’s out of loyalty to Mrs. Slodone . She set me up with the job when I first came here to London. “

“You know I always wondered about her. She always talk about her cat Mickintosh”

“Yeah, she had this strange fixation with Wodehouse. The manor that her family owns she claims that the actual valet that worked for Wodehouse who the character Jeeves was based off of married into there family. I believe she said the man name was Robinson. “

“ Strange, Don’t worry I am thinking on it, Stephen, She isn’t going to get away with what she is during . It has gotten us into a sticky situation . I am sure that we will have it sort out before of the beginning of the series. I have been looking at the script for Blackadder: The Victorian Years and You know I find it funny that he casted you as Oscar Wilde for this series. It is going to push the envelope a bit far. "

" What do you mean?" Then it dawn on him that he was talking about the scene in which the hero ( as he like to think of him) Oscar Wilde as come up with a ,plan to get one of his manuscripts from Edmund Blackadder who is about to published it as his own. " Oh, yes the plan of getting Blackadder drunk and while seducing him. Which is probably a kiss Your character sneaks and get the manuscript. How ironic that the storyline almost imitates our life"

"Oh, yes" Hugh looked over at the watch "Oh, Fuck I almost forgot something I had to do. I best to get ready. Do you need me to drop you off anywhere ?"

" No, Dear I will manage . "

It was a couple of hours later and Stephen has arrived at the home of Motesha Stevenson. Motesha arrived at the door and open it.

" Stephen!" She looks around and notices that Hugh wasn't there " Where is Hugh?"

" I am sorry but he couldn't make it he had somethings to care of ."

" Come inside" Motesha grabs Stephen and pull him inside "Well, you probably didn't tell him. And I think it is for the best that you didn't "

" What is wrong Motesha? you sounded distress over the wireless"

"Oh, Stephen, It is horrible I had a vision"

" Oh, Gawd not another one of those vision. you know my stance on them."

" Yes , I know but have I been wrong as of yet. Was I wrong when I told you that you would become a Millioniare? Was I wrong when I told you at cambridge that you would fall in love? Was I wrong when I told you that Hugh was in love with you and that your first true passionate multi organism was going to be in hotal room with Hugh. "

"Okay. Yes, Yes, now go on"

"Believe me , when I say this that there are evil out there?"

"Baronwrith corner "

"Very clever, Stephen, real nice. well anyway in this vision Stephen. I saw you and Hugh in hotal room having sex . "

" Who haven't........... I am sorry for that I didn’t know why I said that , please continue."

" The men busted calling out Majorie and they beat Hugh up pretty bad and then they take you. "

" Where?"

" I don't know. But I have a feeling that someone in the next few days are going to be following you and him."

" I believe you are right. God, can I ever get rid of my horrid past. It follows me like very bad Peter Greenway movie. I know it is about Majorie she is another side of me that will never die. I don't want Hugh involved in this anymore. Hugh needs to live his life."

"You know that Hugh has pledge loyalty to you. He's not going to leave you. Do you remember that time when we were at Cambridge? And there was this little building called " The Thunderdome" where we all use to go and get high and have sex. There one night after you two came back for the revue in that hotel room. There was a get together it was the Footlights and other people by the end of the night everyone was in a orgy. Expect me I walked up to the Cave and there you two were in the dark making love. You two did not notice me because you both were in a moment of bliss that I have never seen before. This was the one time that I ever seen Hugh so happy. You made him happy, Stephen though all the shit you two have been though you two make each other happy. He not going to loose that without a fight. "

" I know you are right. It is amazing that we were able to keep it a secert about that. I guest though all the madness who would have notice, But of course that was blown to hell when we did that scene in the Crystal Cube. "

"Legendary, Stuff." Stephen looked at his watch “Oh, Shit I have to go or I will be late”

“Stephen, are you still working at that library? I mean you almost a legend.”

“Dear heart being a so-called legend is not going to pay the bill. You do not worry about us. We will be fine.”

“I hope so I just want you to be safe. The world almost lost you once we don’t want to lose you again.”

“And you won’t… listen meet us later at “The Purgatory” “

“I thought only V.I.P’s had access”

“You will be me and Hugh’s special guest.”

“That’s cool well I meet you later.” Motesha escorted Stephen to the door. Stephen gives her and hugs and bids her farewell. “God, you are so hot.” She thought to herself and smiles.

At Marchison Court Lisa walked around the garden with an old friend she hasn’t seen in while. Matthew Osborne was sort of a School girl crush for Lisa while was in public school. He has come none from Manchester to visit her.

“Oh, you are so divine as usual Matt. You have really lifted my sprits in my bleak world. “

“What’s a matter you seemed down, Lisa.”

“How can I explain it to you. The man I loved has been cheating on me.”

“With who? Was you dating that bloke from footlights”

“Yes, it was with another guy. He is a comedian who is becoming well known . Oh, god what is his name. Stephen”

“Stephen Fry?” The name struck him right in his heart. A dear friend long forgotten he wanted him for so long. The feeling rained vivid though his mind. He could never forget that day he heard though his brother about Stephen getting arrested and going to prison. That day He locked himself in his room and fall to the ground he knew that somehow he was the cause of it. If only he could had tell him that if only he could have told him that he loved him. He could never forgive himself for that. He knew that Stephen was somewhere around here. This was part of the reason he wanted to Lisa because he wanted to see Stephen for the first time in some years. Face to Face and to tell him all the things he didn’t had a chance to tell him.

“Yes, that is him. Have you heard of him?”

“No, I have seen him a few times on tele. That’s it”

“Well, the flamer fag was fucking my future husband in the ass when I caught them. That same night after I caught them we had a big argument about Stephen and he chose him over me. I left without me knowing it I had gotten the diary. His bloody diary.”

“Are you going to give it back”

“Fuck no, This Is payback for the betrayal. I will eventually give him back the book back one day.”

“Why are you being so evil to him?”

“My dear , dear Matthew if I didn’t know any better you going soft on me. Hugh likes playing mind games the only thing you have to say to him is Edon and he starts blobbing like a complete idiot on drugs. This book can easily destroy the both of them because without each other they are useless. I know for a fact that Hugh won't let nothing happen to Stephen. Money has far more power then anyone can imagine. Matthew I asked you to come here of reason. I have been during a little research on you. “

“Oh, Really….and tell me what you have find except for the obvious “

“ Well, I do know this one thing. You have been searching for a woman named Majorie. It kind of funny that the women in Stephen’s diary is called Majorie as well . I put two and two together and discovered this. You are lying about don’t know Stephen?”

“And why do say that?”

“Because Stephen is Majorie! “

“Don’t be ridiculous “Stephen is Majorie” How absurd to think that? “

“Stephen also when to prep school with you and He had a thing for you, Matthew. Which led him self destruct? I know that is why you are here to find him to make things write. And you can.”

” It’s true okay; I had a thing for Stephen Fry. Now there does that make you happy.”

“Very, I know where he is Matt. He works in a small Library in Mornington Crestant. I am sure that he is willing to drop Hugh for a few minutes to be with you. Which brings me to this since I know how much you care about Stephen, if you can break Stephen little fling up with Hugh. I will not publish the book to the newspapers if you refuses to help me Stephen’s book will be published.”

”Either way It will destroy him. You can’t play games with him like this he will get you back in the end and it will be far more worst.”

”Gives you something to think about Matt. But until then you will have today to think on it. Don’t worry it want effect our friendship either way. You will always be dear to me. “ Lisa give him a kiss on the cheek and walks of leaving Matthew to think about his plight.

It was late that night and the club “Purgatory” was just getting underway. Purgatory was an underground club where the top comedians and actors go to get way from all of the problems. There were three sections of this high brow club. As you came into the club you on the middle level called Purgatory. This level had dark light but not that dark. It was equipped with a dance floor that seemed lift from the sky. The interior was hybrid between neon blue and bright read. It was light an early version of what it is now called Techno clubs. There was a spiral staircase that lead to hallway which was in all white it was called “Paradise of the Eloign Fields”. In “Paradise of the Eloign Fields” there was room that if you wanted privacy you can choose a room and go in to chat or whatever you wanted. Then you enter a door which resembles the pearly white gates. Behind this door was a room with bright soft lights with white tables. It was the restaurant area and it was simply called ‘Heaven”. This was all mere child’s play to Stephen and Hugh. There hideout was at the bottom lever a darker lever. It was basically a hallway with different room that goes by different names of colors. The main color was Red. Stephen and Hugh would always go to this room to be along or chill with other friends. This part was called “ The path to Hades” the room after it was similar to Heaven but it was built as a lounge area and it was called “ Hell”. Purgatory was fast becoming the British answer to studio 51 and the ultimate hangout. There motto was “ What’s happens in here stays in here.”

As the night went into the late hours, Motesha entered the Purgatory. The place was very dark it seemed to her as she looked around she notice a few of her clients but decide to walk on. She continued to walk until suddenly bump into someone. Motesha looked up and saw that it was Man. He was a handsome man about in his early thirties she assumed. He has the prettiest blues eyes she have every seen.

“Oh, I am sorry for that please beg my pardon.” Then she looked up and saw that it was no other then Matthew Osborne. “ Oh, My God you are Matthew Osborne the all star rugby player. I have heard so much about you.”

“Don’t worry about it and yes I am . It is extremely dark in here it could have happen to anybody. What is your name?”

“Motesha Stevenson, I am a Sfx artist for the BBC”

“Well, It is nice to meet you.”

“Well, I must get going I was meeting some friend up here.”

“What are their names? I probably had bump into them tonight.”

“Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry” A million things ran though his head at that point. He was here actually here. It had been years since they last saw each other. Would he recognize him? Would he even notice him?

“I haven’t seen him around here yet.”

“Well, thank you.” A light voice could be heard from a distance calling her name. And then a loud annoying one followed “I guess there they are.” She turned around towards them at this point Matthew was grabs by an young woman to the dance floor. As Stephen and Hugh walked up to Motesha. Stephen scanned the dance floor as he always do and then it happen. Motesha made her way towards them in the busy crowds.

“Stephen, Hugh oh my god you two look awesome” Stephen went up and grab Motesha’s hands and kissed them.

“ My dearest you look wonderful as always. Shall we go a private spot .” The three of them head off back to the Red room. As Stephen walked off Matthew looked at him. And decide to follow them. As Stephen made his way towards the room , Stephen had a certain need to go to the restroom.

“I will be right back, love, I needed to take care of something”

“Okay, but don’t be to long”

“I won’t honey”

Matthew quietly followed Stephen down the hallway. He had been waiting so long for this moment all those years. He wanted nothing more then to be with Stephen. He couldn’t explain it was a need, a want, and desire. The place was darkly lit down the hallway it seemed like it took forever to make it the restrooms at the other room. Stephen went in and started to handle his business. Matthew was standing outside he didn’t know how to react. But he did notice there was a lock on the door. Matthew went in. The restroom has a few people in it. Where was he? The small group of people left out of the room. Matthew locked the door behind him. Stephen walked out.

“You haven’t changed a bit, Stephen Fry” Stephen looked around and there he was. He was like an angel to him a beautiful angel his appearance was slightly order but this had made him more attractive. It took him a moment to speak then……….

“ Matteo, is it really you after all these years?”

“Yes, I have been looking for you for along time. Just to see you again. I heard that you were in Mornington Crescent and I came as soon as I heard.”

“God, all these years you are beautiful thing I have ever seen. Why? Why now?” Matthew comes and give him a hug. Stephen gently pushes him back and lightly traces his face with his finger.

“ Stephen, I was afraid. I felt guilty all these years. My brother came back and told me what had happen to you. I knew that some how I was responsible for it. I wanted to see you at the henge I was there when they arrested you. Now, I am here and I want you back .Kiss Me Stephen. I have made such a fool of myself for not having you when I had the chance. “

“Erm, please don’t make me do this. I really want you badly in any psychical way I can. I have fantasized about you. Laying against on of the walls of the stalls you coming behind me and starting touch me all over…( Matthew starts to kiss him around the neck) please don’t make me go though with this. I have someone that I truly love”

“Listen, Stephen I understand if you don’t want this. Just thank on it Spend the night with me and After that I will leave you forever I want  to do this for things I haven’t done yet but for the things I am going to do. Tell me your answer before you leave” Matthew kiss Stephen passionately on the lips and then releases “Please let me repay you”

“I will thank on it and give you my answer at the end of the night” Matthew unlocks the door and leaves. He wanted Matthew but he was in love with Hugh. In a sad way Hugh reminded him of Matthew. He couldn’t do Hugh like that he couldn’t live with it. Why was Matthew back in his life for all these years? Something told him that he needed the answers. Stephen walked out of the Restroom and started towards the red room. Meanwhile in the red room Hugh and Motesha was talking……….

“He never bottoms”

“Well, knowing Stephen he probably has a good reason”

“Sometimes, I think he don’t want me inside of him. I mean when we make love it is amazing he knows what to do. A part of me wants that but another part of me wants something else and in the back of my mind I know that I won’t be able to have that with him. ”

“Children, He is such a handsome man. He could come over to my side of fence be a bi. Every woman here Britain wants him and in the Americas too. But it is a part of him. It is who he is? And we can’t change it. He is one of God’s very bad jokes. In my heart I know he should have been a woman and He knows he should have been a woman. But we work with what we have even though it might be the wrong gender.”

“I don’t understand it? It is almost like his endeavor is to satisfy”

“I see someone is getting into Wodehouse?”

“Stephen, has started me to reading “Jeeves takes charge” Interesting book.”

“Between me and you the reason why Stephen doesn’t bottom is because of a rather unpleasant experience when he was younger that involved him getting deflowered with another boy when he was at Uppington. The way he describe it was that he and the boy was going to make love there was knock he ends up jumping out of the window and moments later he was bend over in shed getting pounding on from the back by the boy. It was very unpleasant. It still hunts him till this day. “

“Why don’t he tell me these things? I am not that pigheaded.” As soon as he finished Stephen walked in.

“Hopefully you two haven’t started the party without me.” Stephen walks over to Hugh and kisses him.

“I am fin to go to the little girl’s room.” As Motesha started to walk she suddenly blacked out. In her mind she was transported into a car garage. As she got closer to the car she could see a man slump over the man had note in his hand. The car ignition was running as she got closer the man lifted his head up to revealed a slightly older Stephen. He seemed very upset about something and he was crying a lot. Motesha had gotten an eerie feeling. She knew something wasn’t right. Then she was transported to beautiful area she could see Stephen sitting along in the distance she could see Hugh running towards him. He had a worried look on his face. Then she woke up……..

“Motesha, are you alright can you here me. dear.” Stephen beckon to Motesha. A group of people was surrounding her.

“ Back up and give her some air” Motesha started to get up. Hugh and Rowan came behind her and help up.

“Come on move out of the way she needs to breathe.” Rowan Said. Motesha looked around the room and notice that one of the people that were helping her was Rowan.

“Holy shit, It’s Rowan Atkinson. I am such a big fan of your work. Mr. Atkinson” Motesha sit on one of the couches.

“Well, thank you so much but you are what’s important now.” Rowan turned towards Hugh and Stephen.” Listen, if there is anything else you need just let us know we are in the Elegion Fields. “ Rowan walked out of the door along with some other people.

“ Are you alright, Honey” said Stephen

“There are some evil at work here. I can feel it. Its’ not about the book anymore, Stephen, It is about something else.”

“What? It is just a diary there is nothing that Stephen has done so far that could cause this much trouble.” Hugh looked over at Stephen he could immediately tell there was something else. “Is there Stephen?”

“You know there isn’t Hugh”

“ I have been having visions as of lately. Of the past and future somehow this book is connected to everything. I found out from a source that Lisa is not the only one who knows about the book there are other’s out there who have known about the book. “

“Like who? “ Hugh was trying to do his best not show any anger. He was tried of being left out or Stephen not telling him anything.

“Stephen, you should tell him about it? This could change the future for the both of you.”

“Okay, Hugh you should sit down if you excuse the pun .”

“There was no pun”

“There wasn’t no pun sorry then. Erm, When I first entered Cambridge I was in need of money. I still had my habits but was trying to keep them tamed. I didn't want to go to my family because of the guilt and shame I had cause them in the past. "

"It's not the drugs was it." Hugh asked reluctantly

"It was……….. It was the only thing that could suppress the demons I started to do it on occasion becoming what they called today an Escort. To support it during this period I was with mostly nobles and polictians. I wrote about my experiences in the Journal " Majorie" was my escort alias. It was good money but I got fed up with it."

“For god sake, Stephen, Why have you kept this away from me this long. If I would have known this I wouldn’t have put you up to that bloody scheme of mines with you acting like a woman.”

“I didn’t want nothing to happen to you, Hugh, you are my consent. You keep me together. And I would have done it anyway out of friendship”

“You know I want let nothing happen to you. “

“I know” He wanted to trust in those words. But his mind went to Matthew. He would have to come up with some kind of plan to get to him. Just for one night. He would be with him and that is all. He will tell himself it would be just a one night stand. Hugh doesn’t have to know it want hurt him. Hugh has his heart.

On the other side of the club, Matthew was talking on the pay phone.

“The plan is in motion are you satisfied. I don’t feel right about this. I even got the woman thinking I am actually him. I am during this for “The Cause” I know Jack. You don’t need to remind me. I will play along as plan. You just make sure Neddy wholes his end do you understand. You better or else.”

Matthew smiles to himself and turn around to see Stephen walking across the room. “Well, let the games begin” he thinks to himself.

At the Murchison estate……Lisa goes and does her now daily routine of checking in the safe to see if her prize winning procession was still in tact. But, on this night Lisa was just about to make a horrible discovery. As she entered the room she tells that something wasn’t right she looked around. There was paper’s all around the room on the floor a big mess. "It couldn’t be"  She thought to herself. The first thing she noticed was the safe was opened. She walks a little farther she could now see blood coming from the desk. Lisa was now scared she tried her best remain composed but she was finding it very hard to do so. And there is was her butler’s died body lying on the ground of the floor. She let out a horrible scream……..The safe was empty there was note lying by the deceased was not painted in blood it read “the alpha of the omega..... everything is connected”

The End of Part Four

Coming Soon
Part Five
“The Last Temptation of Stephen ”



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