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Part Three: The Spinning Wheel

Author: Envisogon
Genre: RPS
Pairing: HL/SF
Era: Boffle/Blackadder
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I can't ever afford to have them. I don't own Fry or
Laurie and Don’t own The characters from a Thin Blue Line. This is a work of pure fiction and is not intended to offend anyone.

Story so far………….
Lucy Marchison arrived at the apartment of one Hugh Laurie to pay him a visit when she makes a shocking discovery.   Lucy catches Hugh in bed with his comedy partner and best friend Stephen Fry.   This leads to a nasty argument between Lucy and Hugh. Hugh eventually comes out with his feelings for Stephen to Lucy.   Lucy storms out of the apartment eventually taken Stephen’s Diary with her. Later that night Lucy starts to read the book and decides to get back at Stephen and Hugh. That same morning Stephen realizes the book is gone and that Lisa has it.   Hugh comes up with a plan to get the book back from Lisa to the dismay of Stephen. Soon the plan is revealed later on when Lisa bumps into a tall woman in a passageway. This woman is revealed though Hugh’s plan as to be Stephen dressed as Woman………
Part Three: Spinning Wheel  
A few hours later……
It is night at the Marchison estate. The air is calm and a light breeze can be felt in the distance. There are several police cars surrounding the place.   In the a little wood shed in abandon part of estate lies a man and what appears to be a woman. They both are dressed in black and were ready to do some dirty work. Outside of the small shed a couple of cops with flashlights frantically searched for the assailants. As the flashlight came towards the door the light shine on a shadow on the wall. It revealed Hugh whose face was cover in what to appear to be mud and dirt. Meanwhile Stephen who was sitting across from him with a gun  pointing to the door.  Stephen who had  never held a gun  before had a scared look on his face. The door started to open and  The look of fear circle the two. 
“All this for a bloody book” said Hugh was disgusted. He looked at Stephen who was equally disgusted as well He turned his head and load the gun. 
“You said no matter what you would be behind me. Now it is you time to honor that statement, Sugar Puff.” He whispered softly. The door open and…………….
A few hours  earlier……..
After the meeting with Stephen and Hugh, Motesha decided that this was an huge emergency. Stephen had a very dangerous habit of telling everything. Even though this could be endearing at times at other it could be very dangerous.   Motesha had suggested to Stephen to start a dairy of his own.   She thought it would be a sort of therapy for him to work out his remaining demons. Over time this secret book became infamous not because of the author of the book. But, for what was in the book and all the escapades that Stephen and Motesha did together in the Acid Houses. This was one of the main reasons that Stephen decided to stop clubing altogether. Motesha at one point was in love with Stephen before she meets her boyfriend Daniel Dalliard a notorious punk shop owner from Colchester. She and Stephen were fooling around together as a “Friend with Benefits “thing. Motesha knew that Stephen was gay but that didn’t matter to her and this flaw was no minor problem of Stephen since she was the only one he sleeps with. Motesha missed Stephen; He was an incredible lover Motesha could remember all the times they were together.   How he could make love to her to classical music it was mind blowing experience. Hugh was lucky man to have Stephen.   She couldn’t reveal this to Hugh. Who was a nice enough man  but seemed to have an incredible jealous streak and was  a high tempered young man? 
There was  a legend going around about how Hugh nearly killed a man for talking about Stephen in a Club. Motesha smiled at the thought and sigh she turned her mind to the more pressing issues. Motesha know a man that was loyal to her she grabs the phone and started to dial.   The phone rings for a while and then….
“Oh, Jack how are you, my old friend……….Yes, I was sensing that something was wrong in the universe myself. Listen, Jack, let’s cut the chase……I have slight problem and I think you are the only man to fix it. Oh, know you don’t have to kill Daniel.    I know you will stab him in bladder. But, that is not the point there are bigger problems. Do you remember Stephen Fry? Yes, that him he was an incredible fuck wasn’t he. Yes, I know you would turn gay for him.   He is in great trouble a matter of fact everyone is. The problem is that his diary has been stolen and in the acquaintance of one Lisa Marchison…….Holy “as you so rightly say” Shit. If his diary was to ever get out into the public we will all be tainted.   This Lisa chick from what I understand is Hugh’s ex and a jilted one at that……. She found them in bed together. She is threatening to publish it for an act of revenge on Stephen for sleeping with Hugh.   Yes, she is a crazy bitch… I don’t think she realizes the trouble she will cause. Stephen has gone into the Lion’s den with Hugh to get it back.   But, I think if this is the Lisa Marchison I know she is half mad she will kill the both of them.   Before, they are able to retrieve it. Thank you so much love. Oh, before you go don’t let them know you are during this. Goodbye.”   Motesha expression showed a sigh of relief in the fact that Jack Mundoon has offered his hand in helping them.   
It was a nice afternoon in the park it was mildly cloudy for this day. Stephen and Hugh were sitting on a bench to themselves. There weren’t a lot of people out that day.  So it made Stephen and Hugh’s day a little quieter.   Stephen mind was transfixed on a little child playing on a swing set.  Stephen was always fond of children and hoped of some of his own one day. But the reality was that it was extremely difficult for Gay men to adopted it was illegal because they saw that the parents was unfit it wasn’t a morally right environment to raises an child in. Hugh looked over at Stephen who was looking at the child and was lost in the thought.
“What are you thinking about, Stephen?” asked Hugh
“Life, dreams, children… Do you see that little child over there?” Stephen continued  “That little girl has nothing to worry about decisions, money, and no worries at all. She is happy “
“I do agree it a very happy time in ones life” said Hugh.   “Listen, I was thinking I know how much you didn’t like the woman suggestion. I should have rethought it and not automatically assumed that you would it. If you want to quick I understand” Said Hugh grabbing Stephen’s hand. 
“Well, I don’t like it at tall. I think this is the worst Ideal since man decided to make a floatable bathroom out of stone.” Stephen pause a minute and started to talk. “But, I will continue not because I am getting sick thrill of this. But, because my life is in danger and I love you.” Hugh leaned in and kisses him. By this time Stephen had forgotten that he was still dressed as a woman. But, ironically this turned Him and Stephen on. The fact that they didn’t half to hide there feeling’s anymore in public was an added advantage.
“I know a place that I and you can be along.” Hugh reluctantly released and whispered to him. He gently pulled Stephen up and begun to walk towards a spot that was near a wooded area. The bushes seemed unreal it seemed that it  was placed there to hide something. 
Hugh started to kiss Stephen around his neck. Stephen started mumbled something incoherent. Hugh right hand traced the enter thigh of Stephen’s until he it a certain point that made Stephen moan. 
“I want to please you, Stephen. Lay down on the ground” Said Hugh seductively. 
“What if someone……..Erm……catches us?” Grased Stephen.
Hugh smiled at the thought that Stephen was scared of someone catching them. Stephen laid down on the ground and Hugh started to pull down his stockings. Hugh started to trace his inner thighs with his tongue. Finally Hugh made it to the region of pleasure for Stephen. Hugh begins to suck gently and caresses it. Stephen grasped a little and moans. As Hugh continued to his assault on Stephen rain started to fall down on the two lovers below. This made Hugh more excited picking up speed. Stephen bit his lower lip trying to hold back his screams of pleasure. At this point Stephen starts to take off his light weight Jacket to reveal a white blouse with a black bra underneath. Stephen quickly pulled Hugh away and brought him up to kiss him.  The kiss and the tastes of himself in Hugh's mouth made him want more.
“Fuck me.......Please, Fuck me right here. I need your body on mines.” Stephen pleaded. Hugh pulled down his pants and entered Stephen. At first a pain of pleasure shot up though Stephen. That was quick remedy by the timing of Hugh. Hugh continued to caressed and Kiss him. They  both started to moan in unison like to souls becoming one. The rain became heavier on them they both enjoyed wetness of each other’s body. Then it happens Stephen could hear his name being called but it was not from Hugh. Reality started to hit and slowly the dream faded into the windmills of his mind.   Both Hugh and Stephen was sitting in the exact same spots on the bench in the park Hugh was trying futile attempts at getting Stephens attention. 
“Stephen, Are you alright?” Stephen looked around and notices that he was back at the bench. 
“Erm, oh my dear, did I blank out” 
“We were talking about children then you went blank on me.”   Hugh notices the change in clouds. “We better get going it looks like we might be in for some rain.” 
“Yes, lets I have to get out of these clothes and figure out what our next move is?” Stephen got up and Hugh shortly followed afterwards.   Then another Idea came to mind to Hugh head.   But, Hugh decided to keep this one from Stephen.  
It was evening time outside of Lisa’s home. In the brushes Hugh Laurie was setting there waiting like prey wait for his kill. It was like clockwork Lisa always on Tuesday left to go out for a night on the town. As she gotten into her car Hugh put on his binoculars and scaled the premise. As the car pulled away Hugh could here someone behind him. 
“Hello!” Hugh whispered softly “Is someone there?” When Hugh decided to call it quits with the game a figure came behind him as Screamed “BAAAAAAA”. Hugh screamed like a little girl. Hugh turned around and it was Stephen.
“For fuck sakes, Stephen you scared the living shit out of me. That is not funny” exclaimed Hugh.
“Oh, Hugh scared of the little rabbit.”
“It is about time you came. I thought you would have never showed up.”
“I wouldn’t have if Yes, Prime Minister wasn’t a repeat. How can I pass up a chance to become notorious again?” 
“Oh, how can you? Don’t worry this is an in and out situation we get the book and leave.” 
“Sure, in theory this is simple enough but in reality it will never work.” 
“Well we will see tonight.” Hugh slyly smiled.
Hugh looked though his binoculars again and decided it was the best time to head for the house.   Stephen followed behind and noticed that there was no entrance into the house. 
“How are we going to get in” Stephen looked very concerned.
“See that window up there it is always opened.” 
“Oh, no are you going to climb it” 
“Do you see any other way?”   Stephen shooked his head “Don’t worry I am going to be the one who climbs.” Hugh made it to the house and found a path he could take to get the window to let him in. Stephen started to watch Hugh but found it very hard to except that it was the only way to get into the home.   Stephen looked around while Hugh made his way to the window. 
“Ah, Ha” Stephen mused to himself as he found a key under the door mat. Stephen used the key and made his way in. Meanwhile Hugh opened the window near falling until he caught the edge of the window ceil. He pulled himself up and fall into the room. The house was dark in the inside Hugh pulled out his gun and walked around. He knew that Lisa was to smart enough to leave the book laying around.   Meanwhile Stephen was on the lower level of the home. Something wasn’t right Stephen could feel that someone besides him and Stephen was in the house.   As he made his way down the corridor he turned into the study. 
Hugh was upstairs looking though the rooms to find a secret safe. As he made his way down stairs there was two men. One of them was holding a gun and the other was Stephen who was on the wrong end of the gun. 
“As we speak cops are on their way. You better have a good excuse” said the man while Stephen was trying to think of one this allowed Hugh to sneak up behind him.
“I have one…..This” Hugh knocks the man out. “How did you get in?”
“A key under the doormat”
“You mean that I went though all of that for nothing.” 
“I am afraid yes. I take it that you didn’t get the book” Hugh shakes his head
“It is in a bloody safe somewhere here. She will never keep anything of value out.” 
“Well, we are going have to leave he has called the cops and they should be out in a minute. A matter of fact there they are.”  
Hugh started to run along with Stephen out the back of the house. When Stephen closed the door the cops busted in and found the man. The man pointed towards the door.   Stephen and Hugh were almost across the field when the sound of gunfire could be heard.
“Shit, Fowler, what the fuck are you during?” The plain clothed constable went over  to the uniform policeman and pulls the gun away from the young constable.
“Grim, Don’t start the standard procedure is…….” Fowler starts but Grim interupts
“Fowler,I don’t give a flying fuck about the procedures. You cease fire….. Hawkins and Williamson. They are heading towards the shack over there. Get them and book them.”
“Yes, Sir” The two policeman heads towards the shack.
“The uniform branch is always making things  pear shaped and if this doesn't work I will have my ass up my head” 
“You are a complete idiot, Grim” Grim turns around and try to ignore the comment.
 “Shit, lets go into that shack.” The men run into the small shack and hid there. It took the policemen a few minutes before finally making towards the shack. In front of the small shed a couple of cops with flashlights frantically searched for the assailants. As the flashlight came towards the door the light shine on a shadow on the wall. It revealed Hugh whose face was cover in what to appear to be mud and dirt. Meanwhile Stephen who was sitting across from him was holding a gun and had a scared look on his face. The door started to open and look of fear circle the two. 
“All this for a bloody book” said Hugh was disgusted. Looked at Stephen who was equally disgusted as well turned his head and load the gun. 
“You said no matter what you would be behind me. Now it is you time to honor that statement, Sugar Puff.” He whispered softly. The door open and Stephen aimed the gun towards a big bucket on top of the door way.  
The Bucket failed on top of the policemen. And Hugh and Stephen rushed out. 
“ Right Ho, That was bloody brilliant, There’s my bike”  Hugh pointed over towards the bushes.

The gunfire was getting closer and closer. Stephen decided to fire back to cover Hugh. They finally made it the bike and Hugh started the bike and Stephen hopped on. It seemed like a something off an action movie. Hugh with precision jumped the little bridge. With a sigh of relief Stephen grab hold to Hugh and whispered in his ear.
“You are my hero”
End of Part three


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